Panorama Lab: Haunted or Not?

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Panorama Lab: Haunted or Not?

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Wikimedia Commons

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Panorama Lab Haunted? -No (Nick D.)

Recently, it has been rumored that the Panorama lab is haunted by a demon named Emily. The rumor started because Panorama members Shirleeah P. (11), Sarah Y. (11) and Allison A. (11) thought they heard clicking from a mouse. That sounds like it would be a normal sound to hear, being in a computer lab and all, but apparently nobody was near the mouse they heard clicking from.

The three girls, scared out of their socks, decided to go invite the other girls in the classroom to come take a listen. When everyone rushed into the lab, they decided to investigate using the most reliable source in the world: the internet.

Allison found an app of a Ouija board on her phone and started to talk to the so-called “ghost”. They asked for the ghost’s name and it moved to make the letters “E-M-I-L-Y”. The girls then went on to ask if they should be afraid and it said “yes”. They asked why they should be afraid and the app said that Emily was a demon.

At this point, I walked into the lab and, being the intellectual that I am, said that they were being foolish. I do not believe that there is a ghost in the Panorama lab because hearing a clicking noise is no reason to believe that it is haunted. The clicking noise most likely did not even come from a mouse but from the computer itself.

The computers are kind of old and they make noises sometimes, just like grandparents.

There is also no reason that some demon would be haunting the Panorama lab. How would the demon have gotten here? Did someone die here? According to history, no one has died at Ashland High School. Also, the cell phone application that was used to communicate with the ghost was most definitely unreliable and fake. The app was just an automated thing that listened to their voice through the microphone of the phone. It then used the cursor to answer the questions in an attempt to spook the users.

To summarize, the Panorama lab is not haunted. It was just a rumor started due to an uncalled for clicking noise.

Panorama Lab Haunted? -Yes (Allison A.)

Recent events have led various members of the staff of the Panorama to believe that the Panorama lab- room 228- is haunted by a spirit or demon of some sort.

On Thursday, Oct. 11, strange noises began to come from the last computer on the left side of the lab: the computer that has not worked in ages. This same computer has had technology checks performed on it countless times, but still fails to work.

Noises coming from this computer in the first place obviously raised suspicion, seeing that it is not supposed to work; but this is not just suspicion:

While backs were turned away from this computer, sounds such as the mouse being clicked several times and moved around could be heard. Keyboard typing was also heard, but no one was sitting at the computer.

What other choice was there than to investigate? During the lunch period on Oct. 11, 2017, radio waves were tested around the lab with Shirleeah P. (11), Sarah Y. (11) and, of course, me. As predicted, when the radio device was placed on the chair lined up with the broken computer, the waves increased drastically, jumping immediately past 100 (I am no scientist, not at all, but this is common sense); and upon further detection, I downloaded a Ouija board app to communicate with the said spirit/ghost/demon.

According to the board, the perpetrator is Emily, a 24-year-old demon. We determined that yes, we should indeed be scared of her. When asked why she felt the need to use the Panorama computer lab for said haunting, there was only a response of “leave now,” and “get out.”

There you have it, folks. The demon herself has confirmed the reality of the situation, and anyone that disagrees with Emily, well, I do not want to think about the outcome of that…get out, before it is too late.


Allison A., Editor-in-Chief

As an Ashland High School senior, Allison A. has been involved with journalism throughout all four of her years at AHS. As a freshman, she was enrolled...

Nick D., Staff Reporter

As a senior at Ashland high school, Nick D. has been involved with Panorama for two years now. He has always enjoyed writing and is also involved with...

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Panorama Lab: Haunted or Not?