Ashland’s Haunted Tunnel Legend

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Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Nearly every small town has those stereotypical legends that are always told around Halloween.  You know- the ones involving someone dying at a local creek, tunnel or bridge- those locations that some teenagers brave a couple times a year, just for the risk.

Ashland, of course, is no exception.

There have been two alleged accidents near and in the tunnel that cause the said paranormal activity to happen. The first is that a man supposedly hung himself in the tunnel after his wife died in childbirth. The second is an alleged bus accident on the bridge just atop the tunnel.

It is popular to stop the vehicle just inside the tunnel heading west and to put the vehicle in neutral and kill the headlights. The vehicle will be pushed out the other side of the tunnel even though the ground inside the tunnel is flat. The pushing is said to be done by the victims in the bus accident. Legend also has it that honking the horn three times will cause a hanging body to be seen- the body of the man who hanged himself in the tunnel.

To make the adventure even spookier, baby powder can be sprinkled across the hood and windshield. Eyewitnesses often report handprints on the windshield and back bumper that were not there previously.

Photographers have confirmed mists and orbs in the background of images of the tunnel just off route 42, and neighbors occasionally report screams in the night even though there is no one living anywhere close.

The haunted tunnel can be found on Township Road 1536 in Ashland County, just off route 42. To get the most from the experience, you must drive coming from the west as opposed to the east.

Doubters, beware the tunnel. We all know what happens to unbelievers.


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Ashland’s Haunted Tunnel Legend