Little Shop of Horrors review

Shirleeah P., Entertainment Editor

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This past weekend, Ashland High School put on their production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’ The musical focuses on Seymour, a meek flower shop assistant, and his love for his fellow co- worker, Audrey. After buying an unknown plant, and naming it Audrey II, Seymour discovers that the plant only feeds on human blood and flesh.

“Little Shop is different from shows that AHS has produced in the past simply because of the subject matter.We have never produced a show with such a horrid concept before, at least to in my time at the high school. It felt very dark to be eaten in the end,” said Seth J. (12), who played Seymour.

Lots of preparation went into Little Shop. From the sets to the actors, many hours went into this production.

“I prepared for this role by researching my character a lot, to really know the role of Seymour inside and out. Vocally to prepare for this role I drank a lot of throat coat teat, steamed my throat almost everyday, and gave up sugar and dairy for tech week,” said Seth.

Although the show has some controversy for it’s dark subject matter, the directors were willing to push the limits and do something out of the ordinary.

“Number one; we had the vocal talent. We usually do have the vocal talent, but as demanding as it is, I could not do a mini-musical in the fall without Mrs. Wolbert. She had to be on board first, and the last time we did a fall musical was two years ago with ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum’. There many mini-musicals that we would love to do just because of the music, but they’re too small to do in Archer in the middle of the winter, so we like to consider them because as directors we love to expose students to that type of environment. Because’Phantom of the Opera’ this year is a smaller cast than in, say, ‘Shrek’ or ‘Mary Poppins’, this is an opportunity to provide people whose voices are not as [operatic] as ‘Phantom of the Opera’ voice to do something more fun and really feature students,” said Richard Wasowski, musical director.

After selling out of tickets on both nights of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, the cast and directors, were enthusiastic. The fall musical has never sold out both nights in AHS history.

To watch ‘Little shop of Horrors’, you can watch the major motion picture or listen to the soundtrack. But remember, Don’t Feed The Plants.









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Little Shop of Horrors review