100 years later, Panorama is online

Sarah Y., Editor-in-Chief

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Ever since the Ashland High School Panorama was created in 1917, it has been published through the Ashland Times-Gazette. This year, the Ashland High School Panorama has now gone online.

With this new age of technology, the Panorama is much more user-friendly online.”One of the good qualities of having an online news-outlet would be a higher viewership because they can access it a lot easier than having to hunt down a printed paper,” said Avaerie F., a past Panorama Editor-in-Chief.

Another perk of having an online paper is it is much easier to get timely things published faster rather than having to do a printed paper only once a month. As well as, the paper is a lot less expensive online rather than having to pay for the paper to be printed monthly. With the online Panorama, we can publish whenever we would like to instead of having to stick to a very strict deadline.

“[Online Journalism] is the future… It prepares students for life after high school because that is always the goal; thinking [as] career oriented as far as how are we going to manage this and complete this as a career,” said Panorama adviser, Kelly Swearingen.

To get to the Panorama website, go to the Ashland High School website, go to the “Students” tab, then click “Panorama”. Once on the website, there are many stories that are up for students and faculty members to read.


Sarah Y., Editor of Features

As senior editor of the Panorama, Sarah Y. has been on staff for three years. She loves reading and writing. She took Journalism I and was quickly recruited...

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100 years later, Panorama is online