Holiday traditions with AHS staff

Shirleeah P., Editor

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Mrs. Cohen

1. What does Hanukkah mean to you?

It is very positive. It represents freedom for the Jews and it brings me memories of lighting the Menorah as a child.

2. What was your favorite and least favorite Hanukkah gift?

My parents payed for the down-payment on my house, which I am very grateful for. I never had a least favorite gift. I loved getting gelt, which is golf coins that you use when play[ing] with your dreidel.

3. Did you ever tell anyone that Santa was not real growing up?

No, I never really understood who Santa was.

4. What traditions do you have for Hanukkah?

My favorite was when, after dinner, the family would slow down and we would sit and light the menorah, open our present and just enjoy being together



Mr. Spieldenner

1. What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas means a lot of things. Christmas is a celebration of hope. The reason Christmas exists is the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ.

2. Is Christmas a holiday or a season?

I would argue that it is a season. My wife starts celebrating in August and the decorations go up on November first. Christmas is a magical season of hope.

3. What was your favorite Christmas gift?

My daughter. She wasn’t born on Christmas, but she was born shortly after Christmas. She was definitely my favorite Christmas gift.

4. When and how did you find out Santa was not real?

Santa’s not real?



Mr. Lavengood

1. What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year for many reasons. From a religious standpoint, it gives me the opportunity to take time to remember why Jesus came into this world for all of us. From a family standpoint, it gives me the opportunity to show my three wonderful kids how much I love them by providing them with some things that they want, and to spend time with them and family members during the holiday season. I’m not much of a shopper, but I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and the crowds that come with it. I’ve gone out for Black Friday shopping for the past seven-to-eight [years].

2. Is Christmas a holiday or a season?

I think Christmas is both a holiday and a season. That’s why people put lights and trees up shortly before or after Thanksgiving. It’s why people spend days shopping for presents leading up to Christmas day. It’s why businesses have Christmas parties leading up to December 25. But, if we didn’t celebrate the holiday of Christmas, none of the stuff we do during the Christmas season would actually happen.

3. What was your favorite Christmas gift?

I’ve had many great Christmas gifts over the years as a child, teenager and adult. It’s hard to pick one but probably the year I got a plane ticket to go out to Las Vegas with my family.

4. When and how did you find out Santa is not real?

Santa isn’t real? Who told you that?

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Holiday traditions with AHS staff