Logan Paul posts viral video of suicide victim

Nick D., Staff Writer

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Logan Paul ventured into Aokigahara, a forest known as “Suicide Forest”. This forest is a place where hundreds of people go to take their own lives. Paul and his friends thought it would be fun to go explore the forest and make one of his daily vlogs there. As they were walking through the forest they came across a dead body hanging from a noose.

At first it freaked everyone out and they were not sure what to do. Then Paul decided it was appropriate to start making jokes about the victim of suicide. When one of the companions stated that they did not feel well and wanted to get out of the forest, Paul said “What? You’ve never hung out with a dead person before?” which caused a few laughs among his friends.

The Japanese are very sacred about death so when Paul released a video on YouTube cracking jokes about a person who took their own life, it was very offensive to Japanese culture.

In the video, only the face of the victim is blurred, so it is not very private nor considerate.

This situation shows that a person will go to extreme extents just to get publicity over the internet. When Paul started receiving a lot of hate from celebrities and the general public, after probably a lot of dabbing on all of them, he decided to take down the video and wrote an apology on Twitter.

There are many people requesting that YouTube bans him from the site.

Personally, I think that Paul should be banned from YouTube. The things that people do for views on social media is unbelievable. Paul is disrespectful to people and culture. He is actually wanted by Japanese police.


Nick D., Staff Reporter

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Logan Paul posts viral video of suicide victim