Another year, another Star Wars movie

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Another year, another Star Wars movie

photo obtained from WikiMedia Commons

photo obtained from WikiMedia Commons

photo obtained from WikiMedia Commons

Tate W., Sports Editor

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Star Wars, since its inception, has told the story of a young boy (or now girl) rebelling against evil to free their people from tyranny and injustice. It’s a simple concept, but it’s one that has entertained people around the world for decades. 40 years later, Star Wars is telling the same story as it was before, maybe just with different characters this time.

Since Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm in 2012, Star Wars has gone downhill. Actually, Star Wars has been in a downward spiral ever since the prequels, but we won’t talk about that. The days of terrible CGI and corny acting are mostly in the past.

But when Disney announced the newest addition to the Star Wars series: “The Force Awakens” back in 2015, it was evident what Disney had planned for the future of the series. They decided to stretch Star Wars out for everything it had. It was not a plan to build on the universe of Star Wars, but rather a rehashing of plot and ideas.

Although the marketing tactics may bother some, it shouldn’t be a problem unless the quality of the film is affected, but it is sadly obvious that this is what has happened with this new trilogy of movies.

Really it is the writing that makes the movie hard to watch. The writers seem to have an obsession with uninspired, low-effort plot twists. Taking an idea and lazily turning it on its back, then acting as if it’s some huge plot twist is boring, and after a certain point in the movie, you can come to expect them before they happen. A few examples are Leia’s floating back into the ship, (the corniest scene in the movie) Admiral Holdo’s sacrifice to save the resistance, and the cherry on top, the final scene/event (spoiler). Also, there are more minor twists that are still nonsensical, like Luke’s immediate attitude towards Rey.

Another severe issue with the writing in “The Last Jedi,” was the poor execution of the new trilogies characters. Rose, a low ranking member of the resistance, is possibly the worst character to be introduced into the Star Wars universe. Her inspiration is clearly agenda-driven, but yet the writers attempt to make any significant point or political connection is completely futile as her character severely lacks any emotional connection to the watcher. Finn’s dialogue is bearable, but his overblown acting and the overall disconnected feel of his character make him feel unnecessary. As far as for Poe, he just feels like a more one-dimensional Han Solo replacement.

Although the redeeming qualities of The Last Jedi are few and far between, it still is visually stunning. When you have a budget of 200 million, it is difficult to mess that up.

In terms of the better scenes, the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren is interesting, and it is one of the only impressive plot twists the movie has to offer.

Overall, these latest installments of Star Wars movies have been very disappointing, and I really don’t expect much from the franchise going forward. Hopefully, Disney can get it together for the last Star Wars movie and put something together that will do the old trilogy justice.   




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Another year, another Star Wars movie