High school struggles

Worst days of our lives

Shirleeah P., News, Entertainment and Political Editor

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To whomever got the idea stuck inside teenagers head’s that high school should be the best time of our lives, obviously had an awful life after graduation.

Your life should not peak during these four years. Yes, we should be reckless, at times, and be making memories. But we should also be making mistakes because those mistakes will help shape us into the best person that we can be.

Imagine if you peaked in life at 17 years old. You have another

40 or 50 so years after that diploma. Do you really think that those years are going to be worse than your high school experience? There would be no point in college, marriage and having children. These years are supposed to suck. The bad things that happen to us now are the things that are making us strong enough for the adult world. Use your troubles to help you grow and mature.

Your high school days are something that you should be able to look back at and smile. Smile because of the fun memories you had with friends, or that silly outfit you wore on picture day. But most of all, smile because you got through it. The stress, the drama and everything in between. Sure you failed a paper or two, -maybe six-, but you still got your diploma. You still worked from sun up to sun down on academics, athletics and clubs. You survived 13 long years of public education and you are now about to fly off the conveyor belt into success. You should smile because you survived the worst days of our lives.

There is no age that is our “prime time.” I believe that if you are doing the job you love, surrounded by the people you love and involve yourself in things you love and enjoy, then you will never peak. You will simply be living the best life you could have.