Jojo Siwa fan club in the works at AHS

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Jojo Siwa fan club in the works at AHS

Image obtained from Creative Commons

Image obtained from Creative Commons

Image obtained from Creative Commons

Shirleeah P., News, Entertainment and Political Editor

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From Key club to Anime club and the newly formed Arrow Pride club, Ashland is well known for its different clubs and extracurricular activities. One new club in the works at AHS is the Jojo Siwa fan club.

“Jojo Siwa is one of my many inspirations. I think the dedication that she shows, shows [helps] kids around the world [that] they can be anything they want. The dedication and time that she puts into doing her hair and her dancing is inspiring to all kids all around the world,” said Nelia A., founder and leader of the Jojo Siwa fan club.

When asked about her inspiration for the club, Nelia A. explained how her and her friends have a shared love for Dance Moms, a Lifetime reality show that focused on the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company and the world of competitive dancing. Nelia A. wants this club to be a safe and fun environment for anyone.

The community that we are trying to create for this club is such a great area to express yourself. I think everyone needs a club like this,” said Nelia A.

The Jojo Siwa fan club is currently in the process of becoming an official club at AHS. The first step to that long process is getting 200 student signatures on a petition. Then, the club must bring those signatures to the school board and share a testimony on why the club should be approved.

“We have not brought it up to the school board yet, but we are working on it and we are currently putting together a very convincing speech that will, hopefully, have the Jojo Siwa fan club happen successfully,” said Nelia A.

One issue that has been talked about among the student body revolves around the faculty adviser. Every club and extracurricular has to have a teacher adviser, so who would be willing to be willing to be the head of the Jojo Siwa fan club? The answer: Mr. Grissinger.

“I was asked sometime in the middle of September to be the teacher adviser for the Jojo Siwa fan club. I said yes because my daughter loves Jojo Siwa bows so I thought, ‘What the heck. I might as well be the adviser’,” said Grissinger.

Grissinger agrees with Nelia A. when it comes to making this new club a safe place for all students. In March of 2017, schools across the U.S. had to ban Jojo Siwa bows due to the excessive bullying towards students who did not have a ‘bow bow.’

“We will not bully anyone who does not have a Jojo Siwa bow like other schools have,” said Grissinger.

To help support the Jojo Siwa fan club, contact Nelia A. at [email protected]

Shirleeah P., Editor in Chief, News, Entertainment and Political Editor

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Jojo Siwa fan club in the works at AHS