Bettering the Ashland community one period at a time

Sophia W., Staff reporter

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Algebraic equations, nouns, atoms and the history of our founding fathers are things that come to mind on what is taught in the seventh grade. At Ashland Middle School, teachers of advanced courses are teaching their students how to write grants, create plans of action and design playgrounds.

The saying “students are the future,” can be taken literally at AMS. Seventh graders are working together one period at a time to work on the Ashland community. These students are learning to, “…create, build and execute a playground at the soccer fields,” Sarah LeVeck says, as she described what the students will be doing for this bold project. These seventh graders are going to be creating the playground, cleaning up the soccer fields and beautifying them as a whole.

This project was introduced to the students early in the 2018 school year. Teachers have been working on this idea since summer and decided now that it would be a good time to spring on the project. “Mr.Vance, and I talked at the end of last year, about how we felt that the kids need to do more community outreach programs…” said LeVeck. “Over the summer we emailed community leaders and we came up with ideas and this is the one that we latched onto the most.” This project will have the students work together and not only help each other but also give them a chance to improve the Ashland community.The playground is set to start on Sept. 28 of 2018. The finishing date on this project is still undetermined.

The Ashland soccer fields are not the only complex that will be worked on. According to seventh grade English teacher Jarrod Vance said, “the team is planning on doing other things like building birdhouses, butterfly gardens, trying to put in a walking path and we will be testing the soil too.” Ashland Middle School will get to experience the beautifying project in addition to the soccer fields.

“I am very excited,” Kloey K, a seventh-grader said, “It is a very good project for us to get the opportunity to help the community and possibly make the fields a more fun space.” Because of this project, the soccer fields have an opportunity to become a more fun environment for younger siblings.

“I think that we will be able to achieve our goal.” Vance said.”We may not achieve it this year, but we will continue until we get there.”

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Bettering the Ashland community one period at a time