All opinions and voices deserve respect

Caitlin B., Staff Reporter

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An opinion is not a matter of life or death. Other opinions exist and they are just as important as the one that the next person may hold on whatever issue it may be.

Whether it be gun control, abortion or some other topic that the entire country seems to be in an uproar about, everyone’s voice matters. Regardless of where you or I may look, there will always be a different person with an opinion- and it will never quite match up with yours or mine. However, we all expect to find someone who holds all of our beliefs to a tee. I am sure you can find someone like that. Just look at my Facebook timeline; it is ridden with people from the baby boomer generation, all believing that non-straight, Christian Republicans are one the “other side” in the battle of good against evil.

These people tend to believe that those on the “evil” side just need some sort of persuasion in order to hold the correct opinions. Many people that I know just seem to be under the hypnosis of their own beliefs. In fact, everyone is in one way or another. So, why do we even try to force others believe our opinions? 

It is worthless to attempt converting others to a viewpoint simply because they do not subscribe to the way that one believes. America was built upon such free thought, so why would anyone dare to shackle the minds of others? When someone’s mind is shackled to a certain belief, the likelihood of them understanding the implications of the belief is extremely low. After all, these thoughts are things that they may believe they need to live by. It soon becomes a horrible case of something that goes along the lines of, “If you believe x, then you need to believe y.

There should never be any restrictions or restraints placed on someone’s opinion. Some logic that may be impeccable and undeniable to one may be extremely insensible to another- and that is okay. 

We are often told about the need to fight for our own beliefs, but many seem to skip over the desperate need to fight for the beliefs of others. Undeniably, this is a gigantic mistake.

Every single person alive holds their own thoughts and feelings. As we live life, we all have our own experiences. Opinions can form from these things.

Though there will always be many disagreements concerning an opinion, there will never be a need to disrespect a person.