Shirleeah P., Editor-in-Chief

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is often easy to be ungrateful. As we spend our December shopping and studying for our exams, take a moment to step back and be thankful for all the things that you have. We are always so busy Black Friday shopping and making Christmas lists, that we forget that for most of us these are the last couple of months we have before signing ourselves away for college. As seniors these are the last big events we get to spend with our family and friends before we move to the place we will spend the next four to six years. Even as underclassman time is running out.

Instead of being upset over the things you do not have, be thankful for the things you have been blessed with. In a couple months, most of us will be hours away from home with no idea how to live on our own. Even in a dorm room, we are going to have to quickly adjust to life without a parent cooking, cleaning and looking after us. So as we go through the the motion of the holiday’s, thank someone who has made you feel important or loved.