Shirleeah P., Editor-in-Chief

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As time slowly grows closer to June 1, the senior class has lost all motivation. With graduation a mere two months away, the Class of 2019 has officially gone brain dead. As we all begin the long process of the fourth quarter, I believe we can all agree on one thing; seniors should be given slack and should be anointed of all homework. Between picking colleges, applying for scholarships, working and spending as much time with our family as we can before we leave… we simply do not have time for homework. As soon as we enter senior year, we should only have to take a math class. For most of us, that is the only credit we need to graduate. We should only have to take the classes we are required to take for graduation. We are wasting our time and ruining our GPA by coming to school and taking classes that we do not even want to take. Senior year is hard enough with all the stress of our future. So adding worthless classes and homework on top of our stress, equals seniors with zero motivation.