New field house plans cancelled, amphitheater to be built instead

Caitlin B., Staff Reporter

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After Ashland High School’s recent football season filled with losses, the plans for a new field house have been cancelled, according to athletic director Jason Goings. “There isn’t enough hope for our football team to invest thousands of tax dollars in a field house. To put it simply: no one, not even our own team, believes in us. It’s like we traded places with the Browns,” said Goings.

Instead of having a field house, what has already been built will be converted into an amphitheater. The current plans for the amphitheater’s uses include live concerts and performances by student groups such as the Jojo Siwa fan club and live reenactments from the AHS anime club. The stage will also be open to choir students who are particularly picky about their acoustic surroundings.

Many members of the choir, even director Kimberly Wolbert, are ready to jump on the opportunities that an amphitheater presents. According to Wolbert, “I plan to have our students sing in only the best of places once the amphitheater is built. Choir will be an outdoors class and will be held in the amphitheater regardless of the weather.”

As a result of the field house’s cancellation, AHS plans on being more focused toward student groups rather than athletics. “As a school, we aren’t doing that well at sports anymore. So what if we had some track kids go to nationals? It’s not like they’re quarterbacks. We plan to eventually cut out all athletics,” said Goings, who will be unemployed after the demise of AHS’s athletics.

According to a recent Department of Education research study, schools with a higher emphasis on anime clubs and other student groups have seen higher level of success in other physical activities, such as running like Naruto. Skills like these have shown to benefit many students in their anime reenactments.

While many students have expressed their joy and excitement concerning the new amphitheater, Goings has expressed heavy sorrow over the eventual loss of AHS’s athletic program. In an emotional interview Goings said through tear-filled eyes, “I really thought the field house would give us a shot at redemption, but that’s just wishful thinking.”