Which Swift?

Sarah Y., Editor

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On August 27, Taylor Swift released her record-breaking new single “Look What You Made Me Do” from her new album, Reputation. Over 220 million people have streamed her jaw-dropping music video for the song. 

This more dark and eerie music video had people shook with this new Taylor Swift image. However, the image she produces in the video is confusing to say the least. No one knows exactly what Swift was trying to portray.

In the music video, Swift was metaphorically–and literally–burying her old self and producing this new ‘enlightened’ Swift. She even had herself coming back from the dead to bury her previous stage image. Needless to say, “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead.” 

Viewers then saw Swift sitting in a diamond-filled bathtub allegedly dissing Kim Kardashian. Swift is then sitting on a golden throne surrounded by servant snakes. I guess the new Swift learned Parseltongue? 

Skip a few scenes later, and Swift is scandalously dancing with a male entourage wearing heeled pumps. In the previous scenes, Swift is seen in a car crash begging for the paparazzi’s attention, robbing a bank in a cat mask, in a female biker gang and swinging on a circus swing in a cage. So the new Swift is an attention-seeking-criminal-biker-trapeze-artist?

Maybe T-Swift is just trying to show that no one really knows her or what she is like, but it does not really show who she is in the video, either. So is she really all the things the music video had her portray? Or is she trying to make a satire of everything people have ever tried to make her out to be? All I’m left with is confusion.

No one knows what Taylor is wanting her new image to be. She buries her past images, but leaves multiple different images to be determined for her ‘new self’. So is she the bank robber girl?Thee biker babe? The attention-seeking diva? Maybe next time she should do a video on what she actually wants to be, not what others seem to think of her.

Sarah Y., Editor of Features

As senior editor of the Panorama, Sarah Y. has been on staff for three years. She loves reading and writing. She took Journalism I and was quickly recruited...

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Which Swift?