A freshman’s guide to high school

Ashland High School standing tall as it welcomes the class of 2021.

Ashland High School standing tall as it welcomes the class of 2021.

Allison A., Editor-in-Chief

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Calling all freshmen’s attention at Ashland High School; welcome to the best and worst four years of your lives, where you will undoubtedly face great happiness, talents, laughter, and unfortunately, tragedy. Lucky for you, I have personally pieced together an ultimate guide to (at least the first year of) high school.

Let’s address a common issue many freshman tend to make, the most freshman move of all: walking on the wrong side of the hallway. Walk on the right side. Always. No exceptions, please. The right side of the stairs, the hall, etc. Please do not travel in groups and please do not stop in the hall to talk, this will cause angry upperclassmen to roll eyes and continue the traditional hate for the underclassmen.

As this has become an issue for several of my friends as well as myself, FRESHMAN BOYS! Please do not hit up junior and senior girls. We did not wait two or three years just to have freshman slide into our DMs. Not interested. No thanks,. I’ll pass. And I’m speaking for the rest of the upperclassmen girls when I say we’ll all pass, thank you.

On a more serious note, high school is what you make it. Make reliable friends that you can do anything with to create the best memories. This will seriously make everything 1,000 times easier. Just a simple hello can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Academics, unfortunately, kind of come with the whole high school thing. As annoying as this is, keeping grades up is so important. For the first time in your life, your grades will begin to carry over into each new year. Allowing your GPA to drop is a critical mistake that will effect you in the years to come (applying for college will be that much harder.) Don’t let yourself make that mistake! Work hard.

Get involved! Every year, kids will sit back and watch their high school life whirl by without getting involved in some type of sport or club. Take a look at Ashland High School’s Handbook to see all the sports and clubs that are at your disposal. This is where you will most likely make your strongest friendships throughout high school or even for a lifetime, as well as where you’ll discover your talents and become who you are.

Most importantly, don’t take anything too seriously. It’s high school. There will be drama, heartbreak and frenemies-but stay away as much as possible. Everything will pass. High school is not the end-all-be-all, it’s four years to mature and become the best young adult you can be. Take advantage of that and stay on track. Be the best freshman you can be.


Allison A., Editor-in-Chief

As an Ashland High School senior, Allison A. has been involved with journalism throughout all four of her years at AHS. As a freshman, she was enrolled...

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A freshman’s guide to high school