Writing Club arrives to AHS

Writing Club poster outside room 227 showing dates and more information

Writing Club poster outside room 227 showing dates and more information

Writing Club poster outside room 227 showing dates and more information

Nick D., Staff Writer

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For those who love to write a great story and for anyone else that is interested in writing in general, there is a club that was started by Andrew B. (11), Melony C. (11) and Kelly Swearingen. Writing club is where a group of students can come together to share what they write. Anybody can join writing club. It is a place for aspiring writers to collaborate and produce more ideas.

“The only way you get better is by practice like any sport. It is a skill and an art, and the only way to refine and improve is to continue practicing. The only other thing I would say is I hope that there are a bunch of kids who come on out and partake in writing club,” said Swearingen.

For anyone who aspires to be an author, writing club is a place to practice one’s abilities and learn more from other experienced writers. Help may also be provided if you are stuck in a writer’s block. It is a flexible club so if you join it is not required to be present at every single meeting.

Andrew, co-founder of the club, said,  “Last year, I had the idea in SSP with my friend and we were talking about the books we were writing and one of us mentioned that we were having a tough time thinking about what to write next,” Andrew B. said, “I figured it would be helpful to start up a writing club for reasons like that.”

Several years ago, the creative writing class was eliminated; writing club is helpful for writers who may be experiencing writer’s block or might be struggling to get started.

Writing Club takes place in room 227. The first meeting will be on October 3. Anyone who enjoys writing, novels and books can come to bounce ideas off of one another and enjoy the fellowship of other bookworms.

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Writing Club arrives to AHS