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Pep Never Stops

Sweet Sixteen dance team moves to

Sweet Sixteen dance team moves to "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars at the Ashland vs Clyde game at Clyde Community Stadium

Shirleeah P.

Shirleeah P.

Sweet Sixteen dance team moves to "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars at the Ashland vs Clyde game at Clyde Community Stadium

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Friday night lights at Ashland High School means football, but what comes with that? Ashland’s famous Sweet Sixteen-a dance team that moves to the beat of the band at halftime-and the marching band. Without the pep enthusiasm from the teams, halftime-or the game, for that matter-would not be half as fun. The marching band and Sweet Sixteen travel to every away game as well as home games to encourage the fans as well as the players themselves.

“Every sporting event is important, but none are as fun without the band. We carry certain traditions and get the student section pumped up, so football games would have a little less energy without us. Our work together contributes to our success,” said Annie F.(12), marching band drum major, said.

The student section at the football games always cheers on the band and the Sweeties as they perform their halftime shows or short songs to get the players hyped up once again. This year, the band has over 100 students, which tops what the band numbers have been in the recent years. According to Annie, this year the freshmen have listened well and learned quickly, making all the shows much easier to memorize as well as perform.

The Sweeties have also added several freshmen to their team and have continued their traditional success to performing along with the band at halftime. With learning a different dance every one to two weeks, the Sweeties make sure to always be on top of everything and perform to their best ability.

“Our coaches push us to always have impressive, polished dances and they have high expectations for us at every performance. Which, of course, is great for the team, because we are always motivated to work hard during practices and at home reviewing dances,”  said Mikayla M.(12), Sweet Sixteen co-captain.

Fridays, at least at Ashland, do mean more than football. The pep that is created by the Sweet Sixteen and band motivates the others to have pep as well-whether the team wins or loses. Energy is what makes Fridays so special.



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Pep Never Stops