Graveyard Smashes

Turning your Halloween from spooky to spoopy, one song at a time



Allison A., Editor-in-Chief

We all know Halloween is all about the spooky vibes surrounding scenes, planned-out costumes to scare friends, and candy we *pretend* to only eat seasonally. (C’mon, though, who can resist a pumpkin Reese’s in December?) But Halloween cannot be Halloween without the classic monster music that makes our skeleton bones shake like a ghost just walked in. (CAUTION: Do not turn around.)

Here are some of the spookiest jams to listen to when getting ready for the scariest night of the year:

  • Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Thriller- Michael Jackson
  • Disturbia- Rihanna
  • I’m in Love With a Monster- Fifth Harmony
  • Original Ghostbusters Theme Song- Ray Parker Jr.
  • Monster Mash- Bobby Pickett
  • This is Halloween- The Nightmare Before Christmas version
  • Feed my Frankenstein- Alice Cooper
  • I Want Candy- Bow Wow
  • The Monster- Eminem ft. Rihanna

Surely these songs will catch on in a flash and set the candy-costume mood everyone craves for Halloween.