IT: a review

Comedy or Horror?


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Bill Skardgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in new horror movie ‘IT.’

Shirleeah P., News and Entertainment Editor

The only thing “floating” in the theaters during the newest horror movie, IT, was laughter.

Based on the novel by Stephen King, IT is centered around a group of middle school kids, known as the Loser’s Club, in their hometown, Derry.

After trailers were released that the movie would be rated R due to violence, horror, bloody images and for language, I was very excited. Two hours of a scary clown chasing and murdering children? That was definitely on my Halloween bucket list.

When I finally got into that theater, I was excited. I was ready for the nightmares and screams. Once the lights dimmed, my anxiety instantly spiked.

I sat on the edge of my seat during the opening scene, the infamous sewer scene. But when Pennywise was first shown, I did not get the goosebumps that I got when I watched the 1990 version with Tim Curry.

The horror was nothing compared to the original. Yes, the acting was good, but the jump scares were too predictable. The scariest part of the entire movie was watching Bill’s parents not help him deal with the death of his little brother, and that was only 10 seconds of the entire movie! Overall, the horror was a rating of four out of ten for me.

The comedy, though, was spot on. The jokes and sexual innuendos had made me forget that I was supposed to be scared. The jokes and humor were a solid ten out of ten for me.

During the final scene, lots of people in the theater were very confused. Did the Losers Club kill Pennywise? Or just put him back into another 27-year slumber?

Lots of questions were left in the end that confused me. Hopefully these will be answered in the sequel. I highly recommend to go out and see IT. Yes, the horror was not up to par with what the producers had lead on in the trailers, but the comedy was so good it made up for the lack of horror.