New year, same me

Obtained from Creative Commons

Obtained from Creative Commons

Shirleeah P., News and Entertainment Editor

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With 2017 ending and 2018 beginning, many people, including myself, have started to look back at the past year and what it held for them.

With all the “YOUR TOP 10 INSTAGRAM POSTS OF 2017” being posted, and all the Facebook year in review videos being uploaded, it is not hard to see everyone else’s 2017 and compare it to your own.

Personally, my 2017 was a total whirlpool of events. When looking back, I have come to realize that even though I am not the same person I was in 2017. I am still me. I am not a new person, I have just grown. I have transformed my beliefs to passion, and I have learned from my mistakes.

I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. The ‘New Year, New Me’ saying is complete garbage in my opinion. As humans, it is our job to grow as people. We should constantly be working to improve ourselves for good, not for personal gain. If you want to become more healthy in the new year, go ahead! Be healthy because you want to be a healthy human being, not because some guy or girl in your class is at the gym all the time.

2018 should be a year of self-growth and love. Do not try and become a new person because deep down there is a better, more advanced you. If we cannot grow as people, then how is the world going to progress.

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New year, same me