17 year-old girl opens her own bakery in downtown Ashland


Caitlin B.

Andra S., owner of Priceless Treats, poses by her cupcakes on the bakery’s opening day.

Caitlin B., Staff Reporter

“I started baking four years ago in 4-H,” said 17-year old Andra S. “I never thought it would turn into a business.” Andra is the owner of Priceless Treats, a bakery located in the heart of downtown Ashland.

The bakery offers a wide selection of cupcakes, macaroons, brownies, cookies and liquid nitrogen ice cream. Among these treats, the business also offers cupcake decorating parties for birthdays and special occasion. 

In preparation for the special occasion of the store’s opening, some events derailed an earlier opening. Though stressful, Andra believes that the experience has included a great amount of learning, and the opportunity for her family to grow closer. “We wanted to open way earlier, but God’s timing is always perfect,” said Andra in an interview.

Priceless Treats is not only sweet in their products, but also their mission. When asked about what inspired the opening of a bakery, Andra said, “I wanted to raise money for girls in sex trafficking and saw [opening Priceless Treats] as an opportunity to do that.” Andra’s heart for those in sex trafficking also ties into the naming of Priceless Treats. 

Inspired by the band For KING & COUNTRY’s song, book, and movie titled “Priceless”, Andra saw a message in all three items that struck a chord with her. The book and movie tell the story of a girl who is caught in sex trafficking, but is rescued in the end. Andra believes that the message in “Priceless” shows that everyone is made worthy and is loved by God. “Just remember that you are priceless and loved more than you know,” said Andra.