Downtown Ashland’s Miracle on Main Street


Allison A.

The city of Ashland’s official Christmas tree illuminates Corner Park after the holiday parade. A crowd of several thousand gathered to see the tree lit.

Allison A., Editor-in-Chief

On Sat. Dec. 1, 2018, a new Christmas tradition was introduced by Mayor Matt Miller to the city of Ashland.

Following the Christmas parade, thousands of people gathered at Corner Park to see Miller’s speech before the city’s first official Christmas tree lit up downtown Ashland.

You think of all the little smiles out here tonight. Because one day they will see the picture of the day the tradition began. A new tradition for a great community that is getting better every day, isn’t it?”

— Miller

Miller described that the tree is 40 feet tall and has thousands of Christmas lights clinging to it to light up the streets. He began a countdown with the audience before the tree illuminated the night. Fireworks exploded into the night sky as the crowd celebrated the newfound custom.

After the parade, the Ashland Community Chorus performed carols in order to inspire the crowd before the Christmas tree and fireworks lit the night.

Miller and his wife ended the night by beginning to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas to the crowd as they joined in with the caroling to celebrate the evening’s Christmas spirit.