Students show holiday cheer with door decorations

Sophia W., Staff Reporter

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Christmas time is right around the corner and Ashland High cannot contain their holiday cheer any longer. With the annual door decorating competition, students can show their creativity, holiday cheer and arrow pride all in one while participating in this tradition. An annual part of the tradition includes classic Christmas music on the loudspeakers, festive colors everywhere and the small of gingerbread throughout the halls.

Every year, each homeroom decorates their door to compete in the annual event. Students work together and get a chance to converse and be creative, a time that is rare in a school day. Cutting paper, putting up lights, creating snowflakes and listening to music are various activities that students partake in to celebrate the festivities. Holiday spirit is not the only thing that is happening; competitive spirit is well known in this competition as well. There are different categories that homerooms can win. Most creative, most educational, most holiday, most un-holiday… the list goes on. The teachers often get involved, believing that the decorating doubles as bonding time between the students and staff.

The main purpose of the door decorating is to welcome senior citizens one week later. Traditionally, a senior citizen luncheon is held at Ashland High School where they will listen to various choirs, the orchestra and band. They are then treated to a lunch provided by the staff and students in the high school cafeteria. The senior citizens enjoy walking around the school to see the various holiday doors throughout the day. In years past, the senior citizens have given their opinions on which doors they like best while Santa Claus visits the seniors.

“I think this is absolutely a great time for students to get together,” said Ben Spieldenner. “The students have a great time decorating and the seniors have a great time looking at the doors.” Spieldenner has a senior homeroom and said that the students had a good time creating their holiday door one last time.

Before students are released from school for winter break, the administrators decide which doors fit the various “winning” categories and award the teachers with the knowledge that their homeroom won. Though there is no actual prize for the winner, the competitive spirit between homerooms allows for bragging rights to the winners.