Senior Citizen Luncheon brings Christmas joy to Ashland High


Nick D.

Senior citizens enjoy a musical performance given by Ashland High School’s choir, orchestra and band as well as Taft Elementary’s choir. Later, the seniors ate lunch provided by student council and the staff cafeteria.

Nick D., Editor

Ashland High school’s annual senior citizen Christmas luncheon took place Friday, Dec. 7, 2018. The luncheon included live performances in Archer by Ashland High school’s band, choir, Sing and Swing and orchestra, as well as Ashland Middle school’s show choir and Taft Elementary’s choir. The seniors then went to the cafeteria where they could feast on the food prepared by the cafeteria staff and student council.

During the pre-show in the lobby, the seniors experienced the AHS band along with a solo by Genevieve Wesner (12) and a duet with Wesner and Nicolas Serrano (12). Clara Kral (11) and Chase Kerschner (11) also performed solos during the show. Wesner said “It was the coolest experience ever… singing with such talented musicians.”

The overall goal of the luncheon is to spread joy and holiday cheer to those in attendance. Many of the attendees are elderly people living in nursing homes who may be unable to experience the holiday joy as freely as they would like. The luncheon provides a chance for them to get out and spend quality time with those they love in the spirit of Christmas.

The annual event is hosted by Ashland High School’s student council, run by Biology teacher Brian Parsons and Chemistry teacher Mariely Dawson.

“My favorite part is that it’s fun for the students. They get to interact with the senior citizens and hear some of the funny things they say.” said Parsons. “It also gives students an opportunity to perform and share their talents with the masses. All students have the opportunity to help out in some way and are encouraged to help bring forth the Christmas spirit.”