Senior quotes returning to Guide after harsh backlash

Nick D., Editor

After receiving lots of negative comments for removing senior quotes and baby pictures from the yearbook, it was decided to bring them back. The original plan was for the staff of Panorama to add them into this year’s edition of the senior paper. The seniors did not like that either. So, one petition and many discussions later, the final decision was made to add them back into the yearbook. Baby pictures, senior pictures and senior quotes will be printed together just as they had in years past.

Kelly Swearingen, Guide advisor, however, did not make the call to put senior quotes and baby pictures back into the yearbook.

“My editor-in-chief, Chloe W., decided that she wanted to include those,” said Swearingen.

Chloe W. had been listening to the seniors and decided to add them to help better tell the story of the year.

“I put her [Chloe W.] in charge of making a small group of her staff to check through the quotes for accuracy and to make sure they all meet the requirements,” said Swearingen.

In order to cut down the time it takes to check, extra requirements have been added and students will only have one chance to meet those requirements and submit their materials on time.

Important dates for seniors to pay attention to are Friday, January 25, which is the due date for baby pictures and senior quotes and Tuesday, February 26, which is the due date for senior pictures.

Seniors should look for more information in homeroom. They may also contact Swearingen or Chloe W. for further questions.