Anonymous student creates cyber attack on Remind

Nick D., Staff Reporter

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Recently, an Ashland High School student created a scare when s/he realized that the entirety of the student body’s numbers were accessible through Remind. The Remind application is used by AHS to create a way to contact students in order to remind them of upcoming events.

The student changed their name on Remind to “Principal Riley,” and from there s/he sent Remind messages to the student body posing as the principal. S/he sent multiple texts to students, telling them to come down for a drug test or saying that they have detentions to serve. S/he even went as far as to tell someone that they had been suspended.

“I saw that I could, so I did,” the student stated. “Remember, I’m bad… I’m an unsavory individual and you’re interviewing me because I committed a crime. The reason I pull pranks like this is because I never grow up and I like to [mess] around.”

Many may know this individual from one of his/her previous works; this student is the same person who ended the StopIt app last year. The student claims to enjoy mischief and dislikes authority telling him/her what s/he can or cannot do.

One concern many people face when planning a prank is the consequences. “I’m not worried about getting caught because I face zero consequences. Everything I did was perfectly legal.” The student stated. His/her favorite part of this was seeing all the students s/he texted go down to the main office to move their “illegally parked cars.”

“This was an epic gamer moment.” the student said, showing that these shenanigans are a hobby for him.