New Video Production short film raises awareness for bullying

Shirleeah P., Editor-in-Chief

After successfully producing their first ever short film, Reflecting Resilience, Ashland High School’s Video Production team has decided to produce another short film.

As Simple as Hello deals with a teenage boy who moves schools because of bullying and family issues at his old school. It follows the troubles that he goes through in his transition at his new high school. The film is heavy in themes of abuse, neglect, mental health issues and it really shows how far someone can be pushed before doing unspeakable acts,” said Gavin H.(12), Producer, Director and Head of Communications for the new upcoming short film, As Simple as Hello.

Karson K.(11), Writer, Director and Producer; Nick D.(12), Assistant Director, Assistant Screenwriter and Foley Editor; Kyle S.(12), Producer, Editor and Assistant Screenwriter; and Gavin believe that As Simple as Hello is different from short films other schools across the nation have produced. With three to four meetings per week ranging anywhere from two-and-a-half to five hours each, everyone involved in the film believes that the effort being put into the film is what makes it so special. All proceeds from ticket sales will go toward the Ravenwood Health charity. Ravenwood Health is a private, nonprofit charity whose goal is to create a safe community for people who are suffering from mental health issues.

“Everyone behind it is putting a lot of effort into the film. It is also going to a great cause. The Ravenwood Health charity is amazing. It [As Simple as Hello] is just supporting the school and student art,” said Karson.

Along with drawing the storyboard for the film, a graphic organization of each individual camera shot, producers have begun the long process of picking film festivals that they believe would be best to showcase their work.

 “We are sorting through a list of about 850 [film festivals] right now.

We have used about one fourth of the ones we originally had gone through. So by the end we will enter As Simple as Hello in about 250-300,” said Karson.

With a project this big, Karson, Kyle and Gavin want to get as many students as they can involved.

 “From taking pictures on set for advertising purposes, to helping with the score and soundtrack, I think there are many opportunities where anyone can get involved. Anyone in the music department interested could help Leah D. with the music. She is our head composer of the score and soundtrack. Contact her at if you are interested. We also need a lot of extras, so if anyone is interested please email Gavin,” said Karson.

Although filming does not start until February, producers have already planned all the showings for As Simple as Hello.

“The film premiere will be May 10th, and then the following week, May 17th and May 18th, we will have showings in Medina. After that, the following weekend we will have two more showings on Friday and two more on Saturday in Archer. The showings will be open to the public depending on how many tickets get sold,” said Karson.

For additional information, you can email Gavin at [email protected], Karson at [email protected], Kyle at [email protected] or Nick at [email protected]