Ashland High School needs to ensure safety

Sophia W., Staff Reporter

Providing safety and reassurance for people is vital, especially if it has anything to do with school and their students. So why make students attend school during bad weather when the parking lots and sidewalks are not well salted?

If Ashland High School expects their kids to show up to class, the least they could do is provide safe roads, parking lots, stairs, and sidewalks for the students to walk on. Not doing these simple, yet critical tasks can lead to injuries of students and property, and potential lawsuits. With Ohio’s bipolar weather, you would think that the school would be ahead of the game and be prepared to prevent any safety hazard that can lead to a drastic situation.

Last year, in the middle of December, the sidewalks leading into to the school from the bus stop were very slippery leading into the school from the bus stop. I thought that I would be fine; I was very wrong. As I walked into the doors, I fell right on my back which led me to bruise my tailbone. With my luck people saw me fall, and they immediately began to laugh. I quickly got up and pretended that nothing happened and began to die inside. If there were any signs of caution for wet floors, or even salt on the sidewalks, I would possibly not have had to deal with that traumatizing event.

Many of my friends have experienced along the same lines of this. Whether it is an accident on the way to school, in the school parking lot, or the sidewalks, it all could have been prevented by the school itself. Staff’s number one priority is creating a safe environment for each other and the students, so why relax on salting the parking lot and sidewalks when that is a place where everyone goes?