Super Bowl halftime show was a disappointment

Sophia W., Staff Reporter

Like most people, I watch the big game not for the sport, but rather for the commercials (and the halftime show.) In past years, the hype for the whole game was alive and got me excited. This year felt different, in fact, I wasn’t even aware who the rivals were or who was performing. When I looked at the television and saw Travis Scott and Maroon 5, I was instantly let down. My first thought was; “I swear Maroon 5 has already performed for the Super Bowl.” Obviously I was wrong, but every halftime show for this infamous game looks and sounds the same to me. To be frank, the halftime show for the 2019 Super Bowl was boring and I was somehow more intrigued with the game itself.

With a plate of nachos on my lap, (unaware of what was to come), I was prepared to be wowed by the performance. As the fireworks were launching on beat, the build up for the actual singing was growing more intense. Personally, I am not a Maroon 5 fan and, in fact, I have only heard only a few of their songs. It’s not the fact that I didn’t like any of their music that was played, it was the lack of energy and creativity in the performance that did not grasp my attention.

The transition from Maroon 5 to Travis Scott itself was funny and got me excited for the entrance of the rapper. Of course, I was immediately let down when Scott opened his song “Sicko Mode” off-key and then proceeded to speak the rest of the lyrics. There was a lot that could have been done with the song and the performance that could have gotten the audience really hyped and excited, but for some reason there was not anything that made this show different in a good way.

Overall there were many key parts missing from the performance that could have provided an entertaining, fun show that would have left me wanting more. Instead Unfortunately, this was not the case. Whether it be the choice of artists that were performing, or perhaps the way that they were presented, something needed to change to make it not a flop. Super Bowl 2019 was a meme, and not a good one at that.