AHS student launches “dailymarrah” Instagram page among snow day controversy

Tate W., Staff Editor

An anonymous Ashland High School student decided to launch an Instagram page called “dailymarrah” in light of the recent controversy over the lack of snow days.

The page was started on Friday, Feb. 1, after Ashland City Schools elected not to call off after a few inches of snowfall. The controversy especially escalated when it was found out that nearly all of the schools in the northeast Ohio area either delayed or cancelled, while Ashland remained open. Also, several students made reports of being very close to getting into crashes, while others actually did get into crashes. For example, one anonymous student wrote an email to Dr. Marrah regarding the validity of his decision to not call a delay or snow day that Friday. In his/her email it was stated that s/he came close to crashing on several separate occasions, all of them turns in which the car slipped due to lack of traction.

The “dailymarrah” account made a vow to post a picture of Ashland City Schools superintendent Dr. Doug Marrah every day consecutively until he calls a snow day for the school district.

The account bio simply reads,”I’m gonna post a picture of Mr Marrah everyday until he gives us a snow day.” (sic) On the surface the account does not seem like much more than a good joke, but to find out the true intentions behind the page it was only right to anonymously interview the person behind it all.

On the intention behind creating the account, s/he said it was “just to have fun and provide some comedic relief because of the anger that was caused from Dr. Marrah not calling a snow day.” S/he also said that there was no intention of influencing any snow day decisions as that is “not for me to do anything about.”

Commenting on Dr. Marrah’s decision to not delay or cancel school, s/he said, “It was looked down upon from everyone because it can put students at risk of crashing and slipping off the roads.”

In all reality, the account was just made to make a lighthearted joke out of a school event that caused a good amount of outrage.