Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

Sarah Y., Editor

From black helicopters to JFK’s assassination to 9/11, conspiracy theories are one of the most talked about topics among people today. One could type in “conspiracy theories” on YouTube and find millions of options ranging from Shane Dawson to Buzzfeed Unsolved. Although some conspiracy theories people may never know the answer to, there have been conspiracy theories that turned out to be completely true!

One of those conspiracy theories that turned out to be true was a theory that there were contaminated vaccines spreading SV40 virus. It all began with the poliovirus. “In 1960 scientists Dr. Maurice Hilleman and Dr. Benjamin Sweet published their findings that the polio vaccine was contaminated with the SV40 virus (a suspected cancer-causing virus that has been linked to leukemia, lung cancer and bone cancer– however it has not been directly linked to cancer)” according to They acknowledged that their company (Merck) had knowledge about the contamination and still gave out the vaccines anyway. Even after the findings were published, they continued to give out contaminated vaccines until 1963 according to There have also been studies done that show that there have been contaminated vaccines up until the ‘80s. This conspiracy theory was proven when the CDC admitted that the vaccines were indeed contaminated. However, almost 100 million people received polio vaccines before the contamination was discovered or eliminated.

Another conspiracy theory that was true, was that the FBI poisoned alcohol during Prohibition. After the 18th Constitutional Amendment was passed, which banned the sale, production and consumption of alcohol, bootleggers would steal industrial alcohols that were used in paints, fuels, medical supplies and solvents to make their own version of alcohol. The government did not like the fact that people were still consuming alcohol and remade formulas of industrial alcohol to include kerosene, gasoline, benzene, zinc, chloroform, acetone, etc. in order to make the alcohol “undrinkable” according to Some have estimated that almost 10,000 people were killed from the poison inside the alcohol. Dr. Charles Norris, a New York medical examiner, was very outspoken about his findings in autopsies and the issues of the poisoning program. Norris later had a toxicologist test confiscated alcohol to see if there was any poison in the alcohol. They were able to find a long list of poisons in all of the bootlegged alcohol that was poisoned by the government.

“Operation Mockingbird was a CIA operation that spied on members of Washington press corps in 1963, 1972 and 1972” according to The CIA was paying journalists to publish CIA propaganda, they also were spying on journalists and attempting to control the media. The CIA even wiretapped phones of journalists to track their activity as well as tapping civilians against the CIA code. The operation was found out after the Watergate scandal. John F. Kennedy recorded Operation Mockingbird conversations in the White House which are now in the Presidential Recordings.

Although the list of true conspiracy goes on and on and will continue to grow as the years pass by, one can only hope that not all the conspiracy theories people have come up with are true. For the record, the moon is not made of cheese.

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