The assassination of JFK that still haunts America today


Sarah Y. , Editor

One of the most talked about event in American History is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Over the years, more and more conspiracy theorists have brought their own opinions into the death of the former US President. From JFK being killed by the CIA to LBJ organizing the hit, there are definitely some unanswered questions following his death. In 2018, hundreds of thousands of documents were released to the public about the assassination of JFK, the court’s findings, etc. Although most of the information was general and redacted, there was some information that raised eyebrows. Most of the information was about the CIA taping different people’s phones illegally according to the Miami Herald.

One of the most popular theories is that there were multiple shooters that tried to take Kennedy’s life. When newly appointed President Lyndon B. Johnson made an executive order that created the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy. The Select Committee of Assassinations in The House of Representatives claimed that there was “probably” more than one shooter that would have been stationed on the grassy knoll overlooking the site where Kennedy was killed. After less than a year, the President’s Commission came back and said there was no strong evidence of multiple gunmen.

Another popular theory is that it was a mob hit on Kennedy. Some people believe that the mafia helped JFK to win the election in 1960. JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy was cracking down hard on the mafia/mob while he was attorney general while he was investigating the case against Jimmy Hoffa. Although there was never any evidence that this was a mob hit.   

Another more interesting theory is that 2016 Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination. Cruz’s father was a known associate of Lee Harvey Oswald at the time. Although knowing an assassin is not a crime, Trump used this as a way to wiggle into winning the Republican candidacy for President. This conspiracy most likely is only a coincidence; there is no direct evidence to link Cruz’s father to the assassination of JFK.

Although this assassination took place over 50 years ago, the outcome that the government concluded still has people questioning it. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby on national television thus ruining any chances at getting a full confession or motive behind the assassination. When Oswald was arrested, he denied assassinating the President and claimed he was the patsy. Although, many believe that his recent defection from the U.S. to Russia had a part to play in killing JFK. Oswald was a devote supporter of communism, something JFK and the US government worked hard to contain and keep out of the United States.

We may never know if Oswald really killed JFK or if he was just the fall guy, but one can be certain that this theory is not going away any time soon.

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