Skylar Williams, OSU student, kidnapped and killed by ex-boyfriend

Allison A. and

On Monday, Feb. 11 Ohio State University student Skylar Williams was abducted at gunpoint from the OSU Mansfield campus by her ex-boyfriend, Ty’Rell Pounds.

According to OSU Mansfield campus security, Williams was standing in a parking lot in the late morning when her ex-boyfriend, Pounds, approached her with a gun and forced her into a vehicle. 

Later that day, a call was made from a gas station in Kentucky after a man saw a woman being forced into a minivan. The witness believed that the woman was in need of help and dialed 911. The witness described the woman as Williams.

State troopers located the van on Interstate 71 just minutes after the witness dialed 911. The van did not stop when troopers attempted to pull it over, which began an approximate 20-mile chase on the highway.

Pounds was finally stopped at an exit ramp after state troopers blocked him from re-entering the interstate. A trooper heard a gunshot from inside the vehicle, leading him to draw his gun and fire toward Pounds, killing him on the spot. Williams was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital where she died.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13 Kentucky State Police confirmed that Pounds’ bullet killed Williams after it passed through her arm and to her chest.

“This senseless and shocking incident has left our campus shaken,” said Michael Drake, Ohio State University President.

Counseling services are available to the students and staff of Ohio State University regarding the loss of Williams.

Family and friends of Skylar Williams have set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for her one-year-old son. People who do not even know Williams are donating diapers, sippy cups and toys for Williams’ child. To learn more about what is still needed for her son, visit:

If you need help, please call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.