The history of Cheetos proven in Trump’s ancestry

The history of Cheetos proven in Trumps ancestry

Sarah Y., Editor

Contrary to fake news beliefs, President Trump comes from a long lineage stemming from the Cheeto family. Trump’s grandmother, Mary Ann, comes from the Cheeto family line. Mary Ann married Fred Trump and they had five children together, MaryAnn Berry (formally Trump), Fred Trump Jr., Elizabeth Grau (formally Trump), Robert Trump, and finally Donald Trump.

People have started to question President Trump’s lineage ever since he won the presidency in 2016. People have noticed that his race has been a question in his presidency. His orange, Cheeto-like complexion has caused many to question his background. On Saturday, March 9, Donald officially came clean about his race and ethnicity to the public.

“Many people have questioned my ethnicity and race ever since I ran for the Presidency in 2016. I am now proud to announce that I am part Caucasian and part Cheeto on my grandmother’s side,” Donald said on CNN to millions of viewers. “I am now proud that I am able to officially come clean about my heritage.”

The U.S. government has decided to officially check Donald’s heritage and background. On March 16, the U.S. Senate officially told the U.S. that Donald’s claims about his family background were completely true. “This information that President Trump has given us is not fake news.” said  Vice President, Mike Pence.