Sanders’ saltine past slithers up on him



Sarah Y. , Editor

Bernie Sanders became a U.S. senator from Vermont in 2007. He grew to popularity while he was running for the presidency in 2016. Sanders admitted that his father, Elias Sanders was a saltine in 2017. He comes from a line of half-Jewish and half-Saltine. Sanders came out in 2016 about his heritage so he could “run an honest and truthful campaign” said Sanders in a debate early into the year. Sanders came forward in a 2017 interview with CNN “others of his heritage would not be afraid to come forward”.

Sanders said that he was bullied throughout his school years because of his half-Saltine heritage. At first, people believed he was decedent from the Sultan of the Middle East, but the rumor was quick to turn on to the more cultivating issue of being a decedent from the Saltines. Not only does Sanders’ pale complexion and white hair show his lineage from the Saltines, but his pursed lips are a call to his family background.

Sanders’ running mate for the U.S. Senate, Patrick Leahy, in a 2017 interview with CNN said, “[Sanders] came forward to me when we met together for the Senate. He told me about his past heritage and hoped I would not judge him. [Sanders] should have come out sooner about his true heritage. This is the reason [Sanders] lost the Democratic nomination and election.”