AHS Fall Concert 2019


Cynthia P., Staff Reporter

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019 there will be a fall concert directed by Kimberly Wolbert (choir teacher) in Archer Auditorium. This year’s theme for the fall concert is hope and inspiration. Wolbert chose this theme because she says that it is uplifting and appropriate for all audiences especially when there will be a variety of people there. She thinks that the audience will especially like this year’s performance.

Wolbert is excited to perform the fall concert saying that it is her favorite concert because she gets to chose the most songs in this concert then all the other concerts. “Acapella is performing a song called The Awakening…I was happy to introduce them to this song; it’s a very inspirational song.” Wolbert expressed how she thinks that this year’s choir is more of a family than years past. 

Molly B.(10), a symphonic choir student, described how passionate she is about singing.“I was hoping that I got the solo in hall of fame, the choir really encouraged me to try out.” says Molly, “I really think this year’s choir is stronger and will put on a great show for our audience.”

This years fall concert and concerts from past years is a place for the community to come together and listen to the choirs perform. for some of the freshmen this could be stressful, but Wolbert always tries to make sure that it is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Every year wolbert puts on a performance with the goal to make the audience feel connected to the music and choir students.