Distinguished Alumni Visit Ashland High School


Photo submitted by J. Maurer

Pictured from left to right: Susan Gregg, Barb Queer, John (Jack) Hartman, Norma Wygant and Lloyd Wygant.

Tate W., Staff Editor

Last Friday, Oct. 4, some of Ashland High School’s recently honored alumni came to the school to revisit their old classes and provide advice to students. Five different alumni were honored: Barb Queer, a county government official; Susan Lorenz Gregg, a lifelong musician and member of Ashland Symphony Orchestra; Jack Hartman, a career journalist and professor of journalism; and Lloyd and Norma Wygant, both long-time members of and contributors to the Ashland community. Each alumnus offered some career and life advice for the students of Ashland High School.

Barb Queer 

Queer earned her honor as a distinguished alumnus through her work in county government. Queer worked her way up throughout the ranks during her time in Ashland County government, and had some advice to offer about what it is like to pursue that sort of career. “Get involved with your local political party. While you’re still in high school, run for school board.” Queer emphasized the importance of taking leadership roles at a young age and honing public speaking skills as much as possible.

Susan Lorenz Gregg

Whether it be her degrees in music or her time in the Ashland Symphony Orchestra, Gregg has no shortage of experience in the field of music. “I kept being attracted to it, and I kept working at it,” said Gregg. In her advice to AHS students, Gregg urged students to “not get discouraged; keep playing, and find the best teachers you can find.”

Jack Hartman

Hartman has had a long-standing career in journalism, beginning with his position of sports page editor for the AHS Panorama. Hartman understood the ins and outs of the industry like the back of his hand. In his advice for AHS students who are seeking to become journalists or writers, Hartman emphasized the importance of a well-rounded education. “Don’t spend all of your time taking classes in Journalism,” Hartman said. “It’s better to know a lot about a lot of things than it is to know a lot about a few things, especially as a writer.”

Lloyd and Norma Wygant

Lloyd and Norma Wygant are long-time contributors to the Ashland community. In both their support of countless organizations and their philanthropic work, they have undoubtedly had a big impact on Ashland. Most recently they helped fund the Keith Wygant Memorial Fieldhouse which is open for AHS students to use. The Wygant’s singular piece of advice to AHS students was to “make sure that you never take anything for granted.”