AHS Wrestlers

Alysa F, Staff Reporter

Eight meets into the season and the Ashland High School wrestling team has been successful  This year’s team consists of two se niors, nine juniors, seven sophomores and eight freshmen. Despite their differences, the team comes together with a strong connection to bring about some outstanding performances according to Coach Seder

 AHS wrestlers are coached by Seder who has been a coach for nine years. He says “we train every day during our season but Sundays are the off days. A lot of them are in football as well, so they get more training than others.” 

Case G. (11) says ” I have a record of 19-4 and plan on achieving my goal of being on the top of the podium when my season comes to an end.” Case, encouraged by his wrestler father, began wrestling at eight years old.

Jake B. (11) says, “I grew watching my older brothers wrestle and I have been a wrestler since fourth grade.” His goal was accomplished last year by making it to the State Tournament at the end of the season. 

According to Jake,  “I like the close dual meets against good teams”, Jake likes the tough matches because it allows him to push himself harder. Case says “I like that it is an individual sport so it is up to you to put in the effort of being the best you can be.” Though these opinions differ, the athletes do not allow these differences to change their love of the team.

Both wrestlers put in hard work and dedication to win matches, achieve their goals, and improve their skills by learning from the matches they have lost and looking at how to be better for the next match. Each wrestler has their own technique and way of winning, sometimes they work together on things they could do different. The AHS wrestling team is like a group of brothers. They never let each other fail when they have a way to succeed.