Mock Trial teams prepare for District competition


Coming off of their 28th year at the State competition, Ashland High School’s mock trial teams are ready for another wild season in the courtroom.

Though the teams endured a change in coaching due to the passing of former coach Joy Day and retirement of English teach Lynn Wells, the team’s goals remain the same– to dominate in the courtroom. Coached by social studies teacher Jonathon Court, attorney Howard Glick and social studies teachers Mark and Elizabeth Condit, the teams’ practices and scrimmages have shown great promise for their individual and collective performances at Districts.

This year’s case surrounds the story of a student who, after holding a pro-2nd Amendment rally, gets suspended from their high school. The student then decides to sue the principal and school district for violation of their 1st Amendment rights. Students on the Mock Trial teams act as lawyers and/or witnesses, arguing for either the plaintiff or defendant. AHS’s three teams are referred to by colors–red, white and blue.

Preparing for the District competition has been an intense process–for both the participants and the coaches. According to red team lawyer and witness Gabriella E. (11), “We really try to make sure we’re covering all sides of the case, so that nothing is missing when we go to Districts.” Gabriella is a three year member of AHS’s Mock Trial program.

The teams’ and coaches’ excitement for the upcoming competition is imminent. According to Court, “We’re going up against schools with a ton of resources, and we hold our own and beat them. I can’t brag about this program and these students enough.”

Working with new coaches also excites many members of the team. According to Gabriella, “I’m excited to show our new coaches what we can do.”

The teams will be competing at Districts on January 7, 2020 at the Richland County Courthouse.