Canvas-Reinventing Learning

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The Canvas Logo

Gavin M., Staff Reporter

              Canvas is an online learning platform that, starting in 2008 has been implemented in 70 different nations according to the Canvas website. It is designed to help teachers and students in the classroom and at home. 

             The website has many features such as a calendar, a grading system and anything else someone would need to go to school online.

              The school decided to use Canvas in June after the school went online. Ben Spieldenner, the school’s adviser for Canvas said they chose it because “Canvas offered the best product at the best price,”.

               Although this is all in the best interest of the community, some students don’t seem to be liking it. Kobee V. (11), says when asked what he thinks of canvas, “I don’t really like Canvas, I feel like it complicates the whole learning process. Plus, sometimes the grades don’t link to ProgressBook which kind of sucks.” 

               This problem, of the Canvas gradebook not syncing to ProgressBook, was one of a few technical glitches that has now been solved.

               The school implemented Canvas this year as they gave the option for students to do remote learning in the wake of COVID-19. The school chose this to be able to transfer online if needed.

               Of course one cannot expect such a new and unprecedented system to be flawless. The school is working constantly to improve and figure out the website, the community has to work together though if they hope to thrive in these unprecedented times.