Laughter and entertainment amid the chaos

Sophia W., Editor-in-chief

  Amid the chaos, the show must go on at Ashland high school. This school year has brought many obstacles that staff and students have been able to overcome. Like this entire year, the fall play will look different prior to past years. Instead of a regular two act play, “There will be many plays compiled into performance called A Series of One Act Plays. I know it’s genius” Lenoa B. (12) said when asked how the performance will look this year.

  Not only will the performance itself look different than other years, but under certain regulations due to COVID, the audience will look different as well. Andrew P. (11) explains what the seating arrangements will look like, “Sadly there will only be about 76 people allowed in the house and will be expected to respect social distancing. Family and friends first”, but the cast and crew are hopeful that “tickets will be opened for everyone at some point, but there won’t be many allowed in”. Audiences will be expected to wear masks and keep socially distanced. 

  This fall play’s production is meant to bring laughter and light into a harsh situation that all of the community has been facing. “This production is simply four, silly great fun plays” Richard Wasowksi, director, stated when asked what was the purpose of this production. 

  The fall production will be held in The Little Theater on Friday, Nov.13 and Saturday, Nov.14 as well. Cast and crew are excited and grateful that Ashland high school was able to have a production, while still following safety precautions.