Mask up, people!

Corbin K., Contributing Reporter

If you’ve spent even just one day in school, you’ll have probably noticed that there’s always at least some, if not a large amount of people either wearing their face coverings incorrectly, or not at all. Let’s take their approach for a second. Yes, masks are uncomfortable, inconvenient, and annoying to the people wearing them. This is agreed on by lots of people, including me. 

Despite this, we still need to wear masks. In fact, it’s urgent that we do. Look at it this way. Hypothetically, let’s say that one day you contract Coronavirus without showing symptoms, because according to the CDC, COVID-19 can take up to 14 days to give hosts symptoms (2020). You pass the virus to your friend because you don’t wear your mask properly. Your friend is now unknowingly infected, and passes it to their grandfather because they don’t wear a mask because they don’t show any symptoms yet. By the time either of you show symptoms, your friend’s defenseless grandfather is already infected with the virus, and could die from his symptoms, all because you wore your mask improperly.

While there’s more to stopping a virus’ spread than masks, they’re still an important defense. Masks don’t protect you, they protect everybody else around you by keeping particles of saliva and mucus from passing through. Ponder this; if you knew that wearing your mask properly was going to save somebody’s life, would you do it? I know I would, and I would hope that my peers would too.

It’s all of our jobs to protect each other, and wearing our masks properly is one of the easiest steps students here at Ashland High School need to be taking to protect those in our school and community, along with sanitation and social distancing.