Trail cameras: are they ethical?

Bryston M., Contributing Reporter

Some people think that trail cameras are unethical especially with today’s new cellular trail cameras that send pictures directly to your phone instead of having to manually retrieve them.

I believe that the use of trail cameras of any kind are perfectly acceptable. They are a great tool to have when trying to figure out where the animals you pursue are, especially when you have limited time to hunt. “They’re a tremendously useful tool,” says MEATEATER.

Trail cameras can give you great amounts of hope by being able to see an animal that you have been trying to find or have never seen before.

 I came across this circumstance this past turkey season. My Dad and I were unable to locate turkeys on our property. We never heard turkeys and couldn’t find signs that they were in the area.

After leaving a trail camera in the woods my Dad and I returned not expecting to find pictures of turkeys. 

To our surprise a large flock of turkeys were in the area. By looking at the time of the pictures we figured out that unlike ever before, the turkeys were in one flock, were only passing through, and were only around for a short period of time each day. 

Whatever your opinions are about trail cameras, I think they are a great tool and I do not think they are an unfair advantage. Even though I was able to locate the turkeys I still did not harvest one. That does not matter to me though because it was just as fun to sit there and watch, even if they eluded me again.