Old Movies at the Theater

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Cinemark Theater

From businesswire.com

Gavin M., Staff Reporter

As the community tries to adjust to some level of normalcy in these uncertain times, one comfort we all missed was going to the theater. There’s nothing better than grabbing a bucket of popcorn and watching a film on the big screen.

 Well, for a while at the start of lockdown they were unavailable when Governor Mike Dewine shut down all movie theaters. Then when things started reopening in July they were available again.

 Many production companies stopped filming movies out of concern of COVID-19. To try and still put people in seats, some theaters started showing older movies. Cinemark 14 in Mansfield, for example, is currently showing “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” and “Toy Story”. 

Though these are old titles the theaters seem to still sell tickets, as many as they are allowed anyways. Mike Van Dine, a citizen of Ashland, says “I went to the theater last weekend just to watch The Croods with my girlfriend, it was a great time and we were happy to get back to normalcy”. People are craving old comforts now more than ever. If they can go sit in a theater and watch a movie they can escape from this crazy world for just a couple hours. 

Jonathan T. (11), said “I think it’s a great idea to show old movies. It makes it seem like Coronavirus disappears for a little while, even though it’s something so simple”. It is a very simple idea, but one that several theaters in the area are using. 

Even though it’s not exactly the same-masks are still required while watching the movies and you must socially distance. Through all of this people are happy to get any semblance of a Covid free experience.