The Dairy Bar

Sophia W., Editor-in-chief

  The Dairy Bar, located right by Lyn-Way on 733 Clark Ave. is a great place to grab an amazing bite to eat. When entering this little diner don’t forget to bring your personality, because everyone there is very nice and always wants to get to know you!

  Growing up, I would go to the Dairy Bar almost once a week with my family, and it was always my favorite place to eat. Coming back after not eating there in a very long time, I can say that nothing has changed at all. That is one unique thing about this restaurant the atmosphere is always so welcoming and fun no matter what. 

  This may be the only place that I will willingly want to eat a cheeseburger. Something about this amazing patty wants me to keep buying them. I always have to make sure to get their crimped fried as well, and never forget the chocolate, handmade milkshake. A cool factor about the Dairy Bar is that they make the food right there in front of the store, that means there is nothing to hide while preparing your meal!

  Are you more of a breakfast person? No worries, their breakfast is as amazing as everything else. My personal favorite is the sausage gravy and biscuits, with hash browns of course. The nice thing about this diner is that I don’t feel as though I left a hole in my wallet when I leave, yet I am happy and full. 

  Because of current COVID regulations, the Dairy Bar’s hours fluctuate. At the current moment the hours are rapidly changing due to COVID-19.