Wrestling’s Clash with COVID-19


Ashland’s Roman P. grapples with Massillon wrestler in 106-pound match up.

Kyle R., Writer

      High School Wrestling is about to start. However, COVID-19 is still here and will have a major effect on this year’s season. This is leaving Athletic Directors, coaches and players with a few questions. 

      Wrestling is a high contact and close-quarters sport allowing COVID-19 to be more easily spread. This disease entered the United States toward the end of the wrestling season last year. The coronavirus pandemic had the OHSAA State Wrestling Tournament cancelled in 2020.

      Heading into this year’s wrestling season, COVID-19 is having a resurgence. However, wrestling is currently set to start, and mandatory practices have already begun. At this time, the state has yet to put any mandatory guidelines to follow. 

      So far, every practice and meet, both players and coaches will be screened for symptoms. Also, mats and other equipment will be sanitized regularly. 

      Athletic Director Jason Goings said, “Wrestling is the one [sport] that is the most hygienic …. So i probably feel the best about those athletes health wise, before competition. “ With all of the mandatory sanitary measures, wrestling is one of the best sports to get rid of the coronavirus. However, the competition against other schools is the biggest risk. With no state mandatory standards, there’s no saying what other schools will do.

      Many wrestlers are concerned about the sport and want to keep wrestling. “I just hope to have a season, ” said Ashland High School Wrestler Jake B.(12). “This is my senior year so it would suck if it got cancelled.” Jake and many of the other senior wrestlers hope that things stay as planned.

      The Ashland High School wrestling team’s first meet will be Friday, December 4th in Wadsworth, Ohio. The meet will be against the Wadsworth Grizzlies. See the athletic office for details on buying tickets.