Christmas Parade


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Santa’s sleigh comes down Claremont Avenue

Gavin M., Staff Reporter

 In these wild and uncertain times, the parade was an opportunity to return to some semblance of normalcy.  Ashland held its annual Christmas parade this year on December fifth. The community were unsure if the parade would be able to happen this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That did not hinder the city though, carrying on the tradition along with a full fireworks display. This year the parade changed course slightly, starting on Claremont Avenue and going down the street to Corner Park instead of going down Main Street.  This is where the city held the tree lighting and firework show. 

Mike B.(11) said about the parade, “I thought the city did a great job, the theme was Christmas movies and the floats reflected that very well”.

At 6 p.m. citizens lined up along the street. Some of them were on the sidewalk with chairs and blankets, but many people opted to find a parking spot that overlooked the route to enjoy the parade out of the cold. The number of floats this year was changed as well, limited to only 75 from last year’s 104.

 Despite this the community thought it was a great display anyways. Sandra Tunnell, the director of the Christmas Parade said, “I thought everyone really brought their A-game. It was very impressive”. 

The city also managed to provide a safe environment for everyone, which was a big concern of the parade committee. Changing the route to down Claremont Avenue allowed spectators on the street to adequately socially distance themselves.

 Along with the option to watch the parade on an internet live stream, the parade did not pose a huge risk to the people. “We gave everyone the chance to be as safe as they wanted to,” said Tunnell.