25 things I want for Christmas

Noah D., Staff Reporter

  1. A signed Willy and the Poor Boys album by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I want this Because I like the artist and the album a lot.
  2. You(like the song)
  3. Airpods Pro, I want to listen to music through these.
  4. Socks, to keep my feet warm.
  5. An Xbox Series X, to play new games and have fun.
  6. A PS5, to play games I can’t on Xbox.
  7. A computer, to play the games I can’t play on Playstation and Xbox.
  8. $5,000 in cold hard cash, Who doesn’t want some cash.
  9. A trampoline, trampolines are fun.
  10. The Associated Press Stylebook 55th edition, I want this to make writing stories easier
  11. For the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to come out, I want this because I’m tired of Covid-19.
  12. More snow days, To give the staff and students a break.
  13. I want them to Make a Community Movie. I love the TV show and they hinted a movie. 
  14. Timberland boots, to wear over my socks
  15. I want them to outlaw homework as cruel and unusual punishment, I do not like homework.
  16. Four whole cheesecakes, I absolutely love cheesecake
  17. A lifetime supply of McDonald’s Sprite, I like the drink.
  18. A snowmobile. I want to have fun just riding it.
  19. A Papadia from Papa Johns, I’ve heard they are good.
  20. A new Panorama Lab, they got rid of the old one to make the science wing.
  21. 20 life-size cardboard cutouts of Santa Claus, I want to put them in the park so little kids think it’s santa.
  22. I want to meet Chris Pratt, I think Chris is cool.
  23. A trip to Cancun, I’ve heard it’s beautiful and warm.
  24. Dark Chocolate, It’s delicious.
  25. I want everybody to have a good winter break