No More Christmas

Gavin M., Staff Reporter

Christmas is a holiday according to  Christianity, it is the birth of Christ. It has been celebrated for millenia, but I think it’s time we put this holiday to rest.

 I think it’s wrong to have a Christian holiday be something so national, and so famous. What is it supposed to mean for people of different religions, or no faith at all? Many people say that Christmas has become a holiday about consumerism, but that is nothing more than a holiday of greed.

 While many people would say that Christmas is about giving and spreading joy, it is not worth the immense amount of stress that it causes. The holiday season is extremely stressful, for several reasons.

Most apparent is the financial stress. Many people struggle to gather enough money to buy Christmas gifts for all of their loved ones, making people feel an insane amount of pressure and guilt if they cannot afford a meaningful gift. 

Family is another trigger for tension. During Christmas, many people have large family gatherings, making people feel pressure to keep up good appearances and to please their family. 

The issue of greed during the holidays. This can go many ways. For many non-religious people there is no point to the spiritual aspect of the holiday, it is only about receiving gifts and comparing them to see who got the best ‘haul’. There is also greed from manufacturers, with many of them raising prices during the holiday season. CNBC reports that there is 766 billion dollars to be spent this year, up 5.2 percent from last year. They do this because it is the busiest shopping season and everyone wants to buy gifts. 

For these and other reasons I feel that people should stop celebrating Christmas, at least not as widespread as it is today.